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Forensic Accounting Services

The directors specialising in forensic accounting are able to draw on a wealth of hands on experience and expertise.

We advise on a range of accounting matters relating to legal proceedings such as divorce and fraud.  In such cases we are usually appointed by the solicitors as experts acting for one or both parties.  As experts our duty is to the Court and we are obliged to remain independent.

We also provide assistance in other contentious matters including shareholder/partner disputes and insurance claims.  In such matters we may be acting for the insurance company, for example reviewing a professional indemnity or loss of profits claim or for one of the parties involved in a business dispute.

In summary our forensic accounting services include:

  • Professional negligence reviews
  • Share and business valuations
  • Personal injury loss calculations
  • Matrimonial settlement issues
  • Commercial contract disputes
  • Expert witness Court work
  • Appointment as single joint expert
  • Participation in mediations

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